[aside title=”Wobble Bass!“]Learn the fundamentals of Massive from Pro Tom Stocks![/aside]

In this tutorial, Tom Stocks, Professional Sound Designer and Massive Synth Guru, teaches the ins and outs of the NI Massive Synthesizer. This thirty-minute overview gives some highly detailed insight into working with the NI Massive Synth. Tom examines everything from the Massive Oscillators to the Filters and Effects, all while demonstrating the creation of a beautiful bass patch.

Very rarely do you get a professional to take the time out of their day to stop and show you how they do their job, and this tutorial does just that! Tom Stocks, also known as Dr. Hobo, is a professional sound designer who specializes in dark baseline synthesis for Dubstep and Drum n’ Bass. He has sold patches to some of the most prominent producers in Electronic Music. Check out some of his work at ADSRSounds.com.

This is an incredibly valuable tutorial for anyone who uses NI Massive. The tricks and tips presented in this video can go a long way to better the quality of any Massive production. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the forums or the comments below!

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