KSHMR begins an analysis of music theory with minor scales and understanding chords. 0:10 – The A minor scale (Learn the basic of music theory by understanding how a minor scale works) 1:00 – Understanding chords (Watch how each chord in the minor scale has different chord qualities) 3:19 – Making sense of chord inversions (Understand how chord inversions work and you can use them to voice lead) 4:08 – Note relationships (Listen to how different intervals between notes change the color of a melody)



0:08 – The A harmonic minor scale (Watch how KSHMR uses the harmonic minor scale in his songs) 1:43 – The Arabic scale (Learn how to construct an Arabic scale by moving notes around) 2:34 – The subdominant chord (Use a major subdominant chord to introduce unusual melodies) 4:12 – Controlling the harmonic scope (Listen to how KSHMR applies the subdominant chord technique in his song Secrets)


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