Today I will be taking a look at SoundBridge Academy music production Certificate Program. The course includes 6 modules and is taught in AbletonLive featuring 277 hands-on high quality HD video lessons. No prior knowledge is required to take the course.

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SoundBridge Academy’s Music Production Program cover all of the fundamental knowledge needed to make radio-ready music today – The Digital Audio Workstation, Sound Design, Audio Processing, Composition & Sketching, Arrangements & Structure, and Mixing & Mastering.

The web interface where you will do most of your learning is well laid out with a left bar where you can browse the lessons and the main window where the content is displayed. All the lessons offer comprehensive theory explained well and simplified with drawings of the concepts.

The content is very professional and anyone can benefit from it, even seasoned producers and DJs who want to brush up on their skills and knowledge.

While we had access to the full Music Production courses, there are 6 different courses to choose from:

The Digital Audio Workstation

In this chapter you will learn the very basic of music production, before anything else you need to know how to setup your gear, hardware and software have to pair up to create the ideal setup. Choosing the right software is also key to getting your workflow right. These topics are well covered by this course. Then you will dive deeper into the sequencer functions, the instruments and processes used to create music with a completely digital workflow.

Sound Design

This chapter start with the very root of digital music production, looking at waveforms, different types of sampled instruments and how synthesizer works. The module also go deeper into filtering, modulations and MIDI articulation, after this module you will have a good understanding on how sounds can be made and created from scratch. Moreover, you will be able to start creating your own sounds and define your own.

Audio Processing

With today’s tools, audio processing is non destructive and the creative aspects are limitless. Learn to process your instruments or samplers with different types of processing. The most used tools like reverb, delay, stereo field and sidechaining are well covered in this module.

Composition & Sketching

Teaches how to put together musical sketches and think about composition as you build the skeleton for a song. The course covers everything from creating your first beat, all the way to building the core elements you will later use in your arrangement.

Arrangements & Structure

The fundamentals of high-level song structures and how to organize an improvised sketch into a full piece of music. You will learn how to transform a basic loop into a standard song structure with intro, verses, build ups, chorus and bridge sections.

Mixing & Mastering

Provides a comprehensive walk through of proper mixing and mastering techniques. You will learn the industry skills required to properly mix and master your original music for commercial distribution.


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