Mikas – Explorers Album

Early Feedback:

John 00 Flemming – Wow this is outstanding (10/10)

Reiner W – In the footsteps of synthesizer hero Jean Michel Jarre. (9/10)

Channel Surfer – Will give this some love (9/10)

Aerial Noise – Worth inclusion into any stalwarts library (9/10)

Airwave – Great Tracks (9/10)

Mikas – Explorers (Progressive Grooves Records PGR365200)

Mikas’s 5th artist album “Explorers” will be released in Fall 2017. With this work, the artist envisions new sonic territories departing from his main focus. The album encompasses a seamless fusion of acoustic and electronic elements. Explorers is like a soundtrack of a distant life, something foreign and yet close to the heart. The emotionally charged pieces evoke an array of feelings conveying something mystical. The experience mix delivers an hour’s voyage into uncharted musical landscape.

Mikas has been evolving in the Electronic Music Scene since the 1990s as a DJ, promoter, producer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Progressive Grooves Records. The label has been publishing inspired music since 2005. Receiving support from some of the best DJs around the world both live and on the airwaves.

In 2012 Mikas founded wemakedancemusic.com. The site is a well-known platform for artists to sell projects, sounds, STEMS & Royalty Free Music.

The album will be released in a variety of formats including: Logic Pro X Projects, Full Audio STEMS and super high resolution audio files. The songs are available for instant royalty free licensing on Mikas’s site.

Exclusive to www.wemakedancemusic.com now (Album Only)

Beatport exclusive September 30th (All Songs + Album)

All other stores and steaming services October 28th

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Track List:

1 – Mikas – Explorers (The Experience Mix) (54:22)

  Full Mix

The experience mix travels through time and space. This voyage has been carefully put together to stimulate the listener mind and induce an emotional response.

2 – Mikas – Explorers (8:00)

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Explorers evoke hope, love and adventures. This unique piece begins with acoustic instruments, electronic key to then reveal a mix of ethereal synth and bells. The experience progresses like waves on a distant shore. The sonic territory is soft but intense, culminating with a plethora of cosmic-like ambiences.

3 – Mikas – Atmosphere (9:01)

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Atmosphere is a grandiose ceremony in a distant world. Deep vibrations open the celebration in style with brass elements setting the scene. The powerful orchestral element draws a romantic story enhanced by keys in Vangelis style. The aerial melodie, keys and strings elegantly sway into the second orchestral part that fades after an impactful appearance.

4 – Mikas – Cairo (4:13)

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Cairo embodies faith and the pursuit of glory. Guitar-like plucks provide an ecstatic start to this mysterious piece. Minimal drums are layered seamlessly to create movement and add a dimension. The bridge features tubular bells, rich pads and string. The middle section is a pure blend of acoustic and electronic elements with minimal percussions. The last segment embraces a superb string section before the final closing.

5 – Mikas – Mars (3:06)

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Mars is about ambition and building the future. In an atmosphere of suspense, somber percussions emerge from the darkness like a spaceship approaching its destination. The momentum builds into the main part, featuring drums and ambient synths filled with emotions. The ending is like a new beginning.

6 – Mikas – Around The Sun (8:23)

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Around the sun is a journey through seasons in space. Majestic cellos induce a calm melancholic ambience. Electronic elements emerge and take over with sonic clarity. The voyage then drifts into deep space with smooth pads and heartbeat that resembles the passing of time. The third phase sees the spring appear with strings and electronic elements signifying the return of life. The song ends with a soft melody and a solitary tuba.

7 – Mikas – Saints (5:37)

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Saints are the half human half god that wander the hearth. The impactful drums, vibrant chords and eclectic plucks constitutes the onset of that journey. Evolving drums and chimes create surreal ambience adding a dreamy motive. The final features dramatic melody and accelerating effects.

8 – Mikas – Luna (5:09)

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Luna is the creative world within. The vibrant string parts instantly immerse the listener and entice them to follow the emotional journey. Embodied by electronic melodies and deep bass pads, the dramatic cello comes back one last time to complete this trajectory toward the moon.

9 – Mikas – Oval (4:44)

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Oval is an exploration tale of our mysterious world. Lush pads and ambiences relay the story with the orchestral elements. The main bridge features dreamy melodies layered with smooth strings and pads. Minimal percussive notes provide support to the evolving synth. Bells like sounds emerge at a mid point adding a enigmatical touch to the orchestral presence.

10 – Mikas – Blue (5:44)

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Blue explores the outer layer of our galaxy. Introduced by an imaginary strummed instrument, the parts then evolve with orchestral strings and tubular bells sounds. A flute melody then makes its appearance along electronic arpeggiated sounds. The main part features a tuba solo that merges into electronic elements along with plucked synths and ambiences.

11 – Mikas – Dimensions (6:40)

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Dimension is an open door onto other worlds. Multiple orchestral elements constitute a smooth but uplifting introduction. The bridge introduces silky keys with a layered melody to induce complete weightlessness. The main component is a hypnotic synth evolving along strings and pads. They progress into the second bridge in harmony featuring orchestral elements which slowly fade away to bring you back to your original dimension.

What people say about Explorers

ContactRatedCommentBest Track
Dj Chris10Really good Album Downloading for Trance Session Radioshow for Support check https://www.facebook.com/Officially.DjChris/ or http://promodj.com/djchris82 https://www.mixcloud.com/DjChrisTrance/Mikas – Dimensions
Carlos Hernandez10what a versatility thanks so much for this masterpieces im join it second to second is a pleasure hear it <3Mikas – Around The Sun
Katy Rutkovski10Cairo is my favourite I think, but really it’s hard to choose the best one, thanks a lot for sendingMikas – Saints
Tsukamoto Grace10so beautiful. I feel it a soundtrack for spaceMikas – Around The Sun
VoV10Nice! Thank you!Mikas – Atmosphere
Brian Doran10Wonderful, chilled out vibes, love it!Mikas – Dimensions
DJ Saftik10Great!Mikas – Explorers (Full Length DJ Mix)
Glen Pawelski10Awesome sounds!Mikas – Explorers (Full Length DJ Mix)
NIgel Fresh aka DJ FIXIE10Sehr schön Chillig, kan ich sehr gutgebrauchen nach einem schnellen setMikas – Saints
LRCN10Will check, thank you for sending.Mikas – Explorers
John 00 Flemming10Wow this is outstandingMikas – Mars
J?rg Bredow10Fine Tunes for the Chill Out Area!Mikas – Blue
Rainer Selle10Sehr schöne Tracks zum Entspannen und relaxen. Das Album gefällt mir sehr gut. Es hat geile Tracks. Einige kann ich in meinem Chillout Bereich auch einsetzten. Hinsetzten und in eine andere Welt abtauchen. Geil!Mikas – Mars
Thomas T?lke10What a great album… Several Songs that I’m going to support 😀Mikas – Blue
crispian aldis9Nice package ideal to drop into sets. Quite moving some of them tracks and sounds. Very original.Mikas – Dimensions
Pavol Gordan9top 🙂Mikas – Atmosphere
Chris Maico Schmidt9nice nice niceMikas – Blue
Nicolas Kaniak9will tryMikas – Luna
Danny Grunow9Nice one, supporting.Mikas – Explorers (Full Length DJ Mix)
Stephan Grondin9nice deep vibeMikas – Cairo
Atomik Channel | Paul Lennar (francisco guerr9Nice Release Luna and Saints mixes for me thks guysMikas – Luna
Airwave | Laurent Veronnez9great tracks thank you so much! will have a good listenMikas – Explorers
djnight9sinnlich verspielt zeit zum los lassen fallen lassen chillen das sind diese future hits die bewegenMikas – Cairo
DJ Mike9Absolut schöne Musik – zum Wegfliegen.Mikas – Explorers (Full Length DJ Mix)
Channel Surfer9congrats on new record – def give this some love in my home listeningMikas – Mars
Matt Groves8Excellent workMikas – Explorers (Full Length DJ Mix)
Joseph Christian8Pure and beautiful ambientMikas – Mars
DJ Marcus iLL8Very clever!Mikas – Mars
DJ SYSCheck8There’s the variety I was looking for!Mikas – Atmosphere
Armin Bruch8Personally i like it, but its definitely nothing for my dj sets.Mikas – Luna
Aerial noise8Above average Ambient/Downtempo – which is worth inclusion into any stalwarts digital library. “Around The Sun” + “Mars” are 9/10 wonderful!Mikas – Mars
Heiko Schmitt8Es ist ein Album, welches man sehr gut zum Einlass oder zum Schluss laufen lassen kannMikas – Mars
Eric Borkowski8i like it and play itMikas – Explorers
dj blade8sehr gutMikas – Blue
Thomas Datt | TD Chronicles8Very niceMikas – Explorers (Full Length DJ Mix)
Jacme7Super work on this albumMikas – Luna
Gary Leroy7Amazing i’ll use it for atmospheres on some tracksMikas – Cairo
Jay Kaufman7Solid chilled vibes. A nice album for chilling and doing other work while it sits in the background.Mikas – Mars
pulsar7i LIKE originals 😉Mikas – Atmosphere
Reiner Wallenborn7Chillin Music, nice to listen to. In the footsteps of synthesizer hero Jean Michel Jarre. Can’t really say which track I prefer, they’re like a river from fountain to the mouth into the ocean. Play for lounge.Mikas – Explorers
marc fuccio7smooth vibes and chilled out sounds… work well. Ive not heard this kind of sound since vinyl solution days…Mikas – Mars
Dirk Seifert7its ok sometimes useful for background soundsMikas – Around The Sun
DJ Van Gold Virus7Nice sounds for my lounge and sunset sessions! From me support!Mikas – Around The Sun


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