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In this tutorial we look into the mix and engineering techniques of a simple melodic techno song. We will explain summing the channels to optimise the elements, respecting the dynamic range available without compression in the main output.

Compression will be applied to some drum elements individually and to send busses. All of the elements of this song are composed using MIDI and virtual instruments included in Logic pro x (latest version).
Sidechain compression will be added to the main bass and melodic elements to create more movement. The side chain compression is triggered with the main kick drum via a ghost send bus, retuning to the compression signal via internal routing.
We also use an equaliser with high pass filter and automation to create movement using selective frequency filtering.

Diynamic, ANNA, Boris Brejcha, Oliver Huntemann, Extrawelt, Dusty Kid, Pan Pot, Microtrauma, Gabriel Ananda, Gregor Tresher, Anja Schneider, Solee, Spectre,Gaiser,Propof, Oxia, Robert Babicz, Paul Ritch, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Einmusik, Marc Romboy, Domenic Eulberg, Julian Jeweil, Elektrochemie, Max Cooper, Marek Hemmann, Olivier Schories, Sascha Funke, Gunnar Stiller, Minilogue, Daso, Solomun, Anna, Super Flu, N´to, Marc Houle, Victor Ruiz, Piemont, Format B, Ryan Davis, Sascha Braemer, Fairmont, Worakls, Florian Meindl, Joseph Capriati, Martin Buttrich, Gui Boratto, Stimming, Loco Dice, SCSI-09, Ran Salman, Thomas Schumacher, Daniel Steinberg, Alex Smoke, Simina Grigoriu, Mathew Jonson, Matador, Joris Delacroix, Len Faki, Audion, Ricardo Tobar, Claude VonStroke, Oliver Koletzki, Koze, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, UMEK, Chris Liebing, Joris Voorn. Paul Kalkbrenner…
Berlin Techno Style
Kater Blau


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