The Music Production Vlog Episode 2 – We Make Techno!

Hey what’s up everyone, Mikas here for the second episode of the music production vlog, this episode is entirely dedicated to techno music. Techno is an electronic music genre that is one of the very first genre to emerge out of the scene in the late 1980 early 1990. It is mainly underground but is a worldwide movement. Techno has many different flavours and sub genres, from Minimal to melodic techno techno is here to stay.

In this episode we will look into a Logic Pro X Project Template, The Dome, this track features minimal drums, layered synthesizers and bass, one of the main technique used is sidechaining the kick to make the 4 on the floor kick drum prominent.

We the go over to beatport top 100 techno tracks and listen to what’s up right now in the techno scene. Encompassing on music production we look up choice of project template to remix.

We then dive in to an other techno project produced in ableton live. Looking into the different elements we can get a clear idea on how the music is made and the different elements used to produce it.

I then share some thoughts on todays music industry and the illusion of easy success for some. The sacrifices needed to achieve successes are immense and not to be understated.

To close the show we master a Techno track with logic pro x. This session complete the full circle about producing techno music.


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