Get Mikas – The Grid (Logic Pro X Project Template)

In this video we are looking at progressive house music production techniques.

Layering different elements using the same pattern we create a unique groove the drive the song forward.

We are also using 2 layers of arpeggiated sounds that create a hypnotic vibe in the main breakdown.

Grouping an sidechaining is used to get the kick drum to punch in the mix

Plugins Used

Sylenth 1


Logic Pro Project Template The Grid By Mikas. Listen to this epic journey, its filled with cool layered synths all made using Sylenth 1! Open this project in your own daw and learn how the magic operates, this project features bus filter automations, reverb send sidechain and so much more. Also available as stems. Including master file for your compilations or synchronization needs.

Product Specs

  • 27 Channels
  • 4 Single Shot Drums
  • 1 Drum Buss
  • 10 Sylenth 1 Synth Channels
  • 2 Synth Busses
  • 2 Midi FX Synths
  • 10 FX / Hits Channels
  • Project Files Download Size: 17MB
  • Master Files Download Size: 83MB

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