The Music Production VLOG Episode 3 We Make Progressive House & EDM

In this episode we will take a look at my favorite genre: Progressive House

We will first look at where Progressive House came from, who were the innovator that brought the genre to fame. We will also look at some labels that were pivotal to the genre. 

We will then dive into a project and look into progressive track elements one by one.

We’ll also look at what is progressive house and EDM today to get a feel of how far it has come listening to current tracks on beatport. 

We’ll visit to check out Progresive House templates for those who want to learn how to produce or remix progressive house. There are also many remakes and instrumental covers available for your unique use.

Progressive House is a genre that emerged in the United Kingdom in the late 1990’s.

The main names in this genre are Sasha and John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Muir, Deep Dish to name only a few. Notable labels are Global Underground, Renaissance & Hooj Choons.

Add short track segment with cover as overlay. 

Progressive house is a genre that spread wide, initially underground it was the root to what has become today’s pop infused EDM scene. Music produced by artists like Avicci, Alesso and Afrojack all took their roots from progressive house. The genre is now fusing with pop with artists like ZED, Calvin Harris and David Guetta. While it is not what was progressive house in the 1990’s it still has most of its features. 

What makes a progressive house track? We think it is the feeling, the progression, the original elements that are unique to this genre. In the template I want to show you Momentum Mikas, which is one of my most popular tracks, is classic style of proggresive house, 8 bars, minimal drums, 19 channels, good bass, good harmonics, good keys, good blend of progressive synths, stabs, cords, bass line. If you want to listen to the full track, it’s available on Itunes and on We Make Dance Music where you can find 4 thousand templates, also in the progressive house genre which have inspired many people around the world to create their unique sound. If you’re a producer already you can use our templates to start producing in a different genre. You can upload your sounds and start making a living off it like hundreds of other producers worldwide. We now have a total of 7029 items, among which you can find instrumental covers, remakes next to thousands of templates in different DAWs, STEMS and royalty free music.

Progressive is distinctive in its sound, featuring synthesizer riffs, and overall musicality detaching itself from other more repetitive genres like techno. To me progressive house is a genre that was the continuity of modern Progressive Rock, influenced by groups Like Pink Floyd, Yes and Alan Parson Project. The epic soundscape and build up that made prog rock popular can definitely be heard on today’s prog house.

Progressive House also has many different flavours and colours, some are much closer to trance and others are fusing with techno. 


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