In this clip we are creating a Garage – House song from scratch using Logic Pro X and some plugins. We will mainly use Sylenth 1 and WAVES audio processors along with Logic’s own plugins and effect. I am explaining my views on how music should be composed and produced.

Download the project files for free here:

hey what’s up guys meet us here for

winning best musics calm today I’m gonna

again do a track from scratch I got

logic open their setup the BPM to 119

BPM which is gonna be a bit slower maybe

deep housey who knows I am much more to

deep prog so maybe some arpeggiator and

there are some stuff like that I really

don’t know because I just I just want to

improvise I just want to do music and

share it with guys and I also want to

talk about the mentality that is

important when you create music you know

to approach the music creation in a

certain way which I think is very

important this is I think a very big

mistake that most people do they go in

the studio and they think I’m gonna make

that sound and I mean really if unless

you’re extremely experienced you know I

consider myself a fairly experienced

producer and yes I can make a certain

sound but this is not the point why

would you go in the studio to want to

create a certain thing I can tell you if

you go into super professional they

don’t have they might have an idea in

mind and stuff but it will develop you

know you cannot say I’m gonna make a

track like hard well this is a very very

big mistake you know you should go in

the studio and bring your heart and put

put your your ideas and improvise and

jam you know this is the way most of the

best music is done by people just being

creative and just pushing the envelope

and you know not letting themselves

block by their own boundaries which is

simply you know I want to sound like

this oh oh this sound like this we

should do this because it’s cool this is

just absolutely wrong maybe you think

I’m wrong great then do whatever you

like I’m just saying that from from my

point of view as an artist that is been

going on for almost 20 years now

releases a lot of music my best track so

far are just been that been jamming you

know this is what I think is the coolest

thing to do when you go in studio so I

also want to say I’m sorry maybe there’s

gonna be some stuff in the background

because the windows open because it’s

actually hot it’s summertime it’s July

31st and it’s time to make a try

so let’s get into it so my basic setup

is very simple

I put ultrabeat and usually I don’t use

plugins but lately I use quite a bit of

wave so I’m going to stick some ways

plug it in there to make a more

professional big song to start with and

yeah I 119 BPM I don’t use MIDI I’m

gonna play the keys on the keyboard here

and here’s what I got so far

that’s cool this is gonna be a banger

man I’m telling you definitely like some

some super super Beatport top chart

there okay so basically it’s a kick it’s

a hundred then 19 BPM I’m gonna name it

oh no I don’t name it name any kick and

it’s routed to a sub channel here my

departure point for most track if you’re

looking for some some knowledge is kick

in – 8 – -10 DB you know maybe to leave

yourself a bit of room always put slower

leave yourself in the mix to be able to

put in some elements because if you just

have the kick maxed out I’m gonna put

everything maxed out everything will

pile up and it’s gonna be like a pile of

garbage so maybe you want to think about

that I have a few chunk of MIDI here

which are the standard pads and stuff so

I’m gonna save a little bit of time by

going into that

I’m gonna check Wow a hat here no

coconut okay oh I like that this is nice

okay so I’m gonna tribute it to group

tree here and group tree here I’m gonna

create a track so it’s very important

what I am doing is every channel gonna

have its own routing so I can obviously

mix and compress every channel one by

one so this is not the Hat that was

looking for oh wait this is because it’s

not on the right hat Channel

hey guys why not okay

so I don’t know how long is gonna be

this video so hang on guys it might be

good might not be good might be is gonna

be an awesome track maybe not you never

know so to me that’s very deep how see

I’m not too sure I like this little

stereo eating that they put into and to

Daddy kid there an ultra beat but I’ll

keep it

okay so now I’ve kick and hot that’s

good I would probably put a snare in

there let’s go in here

listener I start clapping all just a

snare put it into group forward here go

into the channel here create the track

here I believe this is this in there I

don’t know if it’s at the right it’s at

the hard snare I’m not too sure I love

this hard snorting yeah I won’t put your

name me up maybe a double snare here mmm

that’s white when I want do it before

here not quite what I want either put it


as I go along I’m gonna premix it of

course I’m gonna get myself a bit of

juice here okay this is good

I think I’m keep on going a little bit

maybe with a with a closed hats here

continue the same pattern here I can

name those a little bit later okay I

guess this is not on the channel okay I

guess the open nut is linked into the

this hat there so I cannot have them

both of them in the same like I said

it’s all about improvisation – I like

that I’m gonna like it a whole lot more

with the delay on it so this – way to

put effects on two tracks if you guys

don’t know you can either put it here in

and directly into the channel or you can

put it as a send for this this case I

think I will create the sound effects so

I’m gonna create a sound I’m gonna go

bus here I’m gonna take the bus one and

I’m gonna put that delay on it so simple

delay no I think I’m gonna go waves

today so waves I would say to to to to

to some some

our delay which is very cool because

it’s got like it like a kind of a gritty

tone to it it’s there’s a lot of these



channel RDS sir I want at all

sorry guys with a long lengthy lengthy

part maybe I can crack a joke or


haha no I love a joke right now why

aren’t those grouped into thing man this

is this is this is bad

I just want to delay age delay this what

I was looking for so I guess I can age

delay here oh yeah

series got the basic just want to

pretend wet it’s nice to see spring you

drums let’s see basic stereo I’m gonna

have I’m gonna name my channels open

hats okay they’re gonna know that go

this is Marco so where the beat

definitely have a beat here simple but

it’s a beat so I’m gonna take one of

those I think Congo here mm-hmm

this one I like here don’t got three

the six here three trucks bring some

median here from I don’t know where oh

this is that deep house thing that I

wanted at first so I think I will just

happen to okay I like that even even as

a layer underneath the actual snare I

was enough beat snare wow this is

amazing see this is one of those things

that happen when when you just make

music like that so I’m gonna take the

snare I’m gonna duplicate it this is

replicated here drop this median there

I’m gonna make my little drum sequence

little conga sequence by hand okay

that’s pretty cool let’s see what we can


recording some you know just do simple

like that do this I just want to have

the meaty down take it go into the media

right here control a cue to quantize I

like it I don’t like this one here the

volume is too high

I do like this a lot better so I’m just

gonna make a simple nothing too fancy I

think just to establish the base of the

track you know so this is three so if

you look at the mixer down here oh sorry

guys look at the mixer down here we have

our drums clean kick is the banana bread

  • 10 get some snare two different snares

that’s so what’s happening is the snare

there are a different time and there are

different velocities to D complement

each other descent how are you that and

then you can do control is select your

name region by track so you have a good

idea if you get in the grid somewhere

you know you know what you’re gonna work

on that is cool I think we should put a

synth in there what am I gonna use

because yeah like I said today I’m using

anything anything goes so I think to do

do do no tracks after all paid all paid

all paid stuff don’t you worry of course

and no I really paid for most of my

stuff reading I’m gonna use silent

because I like silent the most for

everything for basis for I would have to

find that bank that got some who deep

out some cases because silent is first

really trancey I don’t know if I have

this Bank in there

let’s look at more trance have plenty on

the side I should have maybe downloaded

them team lien our house kids house kit

vandalism blah blah blah blah blah

we’re just on set have to be honest most

of those are not that interesting for

what we’re gonna do now music sound Bank

heart chord chord chord chord


let’s go fry Georgian tree which I

remember actually bought on Beatport a

long time ago oh that’s a nice bass it’s

a bit loud let’s be honest it is electro

but it could also be garage I think


let’s just play with it a little

okay it’s kind of fun I like the sound

you know like maybe to do more more

engineering in the the track instead of

composition you know I’m not such a

great composer already not at all to be

honest with you guys so maybe I’m more

of a sound designer which like to mold

sound to impress and to to to make the

craft attract with the sounds not

literally with composition so and

there’s a bunch of plugins anyway that I

can use like captain plugins to make

track which I will probably use a bit

later on on on this on this video so

yeah it’s a bit vulgar yeah this is nice

I’m gonna put on some sidechain there

now I’m using waves again because I like

waves they’re shit this is insane I’m

gonna get an F bi a 2500 I’m gonna have

to do a little bit of a trick I’m like

shitty with the new thing I can oh no I


yeah so I have to route my kik channel

to a bus and use this bus to sidechains

so if you’re looking for technical stuff

so because because my kick is actually

in MIDI it’s not in audio and audio I

could have sidechain it put the input

directly in there or maybe some people

use some plug-in like yeah

whatever that I will remember because

all use so I’m gonna take this kick here

I’m gonna create a sand I’m gonna send

it to bust n leave myself some buses to

do other things a bit later on in the

mix and I’m actually sending to busting

at zero DB to get the fold the fold last

year and this bus actually is not going

anywhere but then I can pick up this

busting here to have the kick sidechain

to that here we go super fast attack

super fast release for me maybe bit

slower release yeah I like this

compressor oh it’s actually compressing

inside chaining but it doesn’t really

affect the sound so much it’s there

I like this this is this is nice

I’m gonna use that I’m gonna send it to

my delay bus here well I think about it

sweet let’s put on some more stuff in

there not that we’re getting started I

mean if you skip this video and you’re

waiting to get some action I think this

election I’m gonna sip of coffee oh yeah

bueno so two keys nothing extraordinary

blah blah like I said I am NOT a

composer I’m a much better sound

designer I’m a much better engineer too

so I’m gonna take this these two key

that I’ve done here I’m gonna bring them

up a little bit into this girl oh that’s

fat too


okay I do that I’m gonna stick myself an

arpeggiator here or no I should is a

good arpeggiator in silent which I think

it’s better or so and then I’m gonna go

for some sounds let’s listen I know it

some time you take a lot of time to get

to some sounds I got some plucks here

pluck let’s block

I know something that’s gonna work with

that for a little bit too high then I’m

gonna put it to the same

yeah yeah yeah Nicole ooh I was looking

for but again you know making music is

about that you have to experiment you

have to play I don’t dislike that

definitely gonna need much more work but

because the basis is nice it’s chunky

but it doesn’t really drive the track

forward you know so browse a little bit

I’m gonna what I like to do when I do

this I copy then a bit and then if I

want to go back because it does nothing

sounding better I go back hey like that

guys I don’t know about you but

maybe with distort here


I do like it a lot but then I don’t like

that the the top gritty the chunk at the

top is this bit too so we’ll cut it I

know what am i doing

this is garage I could definitely see

another oh I think I saved the track

that’s good idea guys so save as I’m

gonna call that create a new folder here

I’m gonna call that I get a new garage

you know it’s not a bit garage ok I

think it will end up being I like this

type of music I’m a Gorgon city you know

I like disciples you know like people

that from England that make like a

grittier kind of messy on purpose deep

house and house music so this is a new

garage to put my new car there you go


I’m clipping here a little bit something

odd happened that that happened to me

before – when I had some new MIDI

channels somehow somehow ultra beat

changes the order of my things there’s a

bug big bug in Logic Pro other ok

because this this I definitely send it

to and they all back to sub 1 now you

guys remember right I send this to

different buses because I’m doing my

mixing now it’s all gone

fucking shit oh sorry family friendly

okay so snare was group 3


open hat here it was three oh it is


so then snare was four sorry for this

guys I definitely didn’t expect it

expected that this is weird I think it’s

when I created a bus or something but I

experienced this bug before I think it

is in ultra beat so I’m getting a new

input Wow okay now that sound like it

should sound


so I think I will bring my friend in

there um my friend my friend my friend

your create a new track because I don’t

want to mess those ones we’re gonna copy

the meaty down here and then I’m gonna

bring a media effects mixed in key

captain the deep for the base captain

melody captain play I use a few of these

so I’m gonna check out captain melody

oh there’s available later up didn’t

chords you know knows I play the step ah

I guess I have to start with captain car

oh do you knit captain chords sure I

want this oh okay

can I drop my meat in there no I can’t

okay so we’ll forget about that guys

because well I very like this plug-in

it’s it’s a bit of a different way to

work and I’m gonna get gonna get messy

so I’m gonna go on and play some musical

typing this cool bass


whoa this is this is

this funny it’s Jam a little bit guys


not there over


I think first you have to look for a

sound that kind of work into the track

and then you have to create a melody I

think other people making it the other

way around


personally I like to find a sound at

work that that could really work I’m

gonna make it

about big and white wide in a couple of

minutes so I wanted to be off I don’t

want it to be within the B’s like not

that maybe but


that was looking for Oh get it





now I’m not too sure about this one but

I’m gonna keep going doesn’t matter


Coffee all right I think this is

interesting I mean not not the best

start of a track ever with excitement

but I think we’re exploring you know

which i think is very cool so we’re

gonna keep on going I’m take that I’m

gonna make it into a longer little parts

here so I can start building up some

more instruments and beat some

transitions so we’re doing 32 bars here

so if you ever watched some of my others

video which you definitely should you’re

gonna see that I have one that is out to

finish every song you made that’s quite

popular and basically what I do is I

create this first 32 bars and then I’m

trying to work out add some elements do

something to have like a full track of

course it’s gonna be just probably the

main verse of the track that is there

but this is what I’m doing now now I

have 32 bars of this this electro

Igarashi kind of thing and then I want

to build I want okay this is cool

I think it needs some kind of a spooky

pad in there or something this is what

is something something creepy you know

something that’s bit out of the ordinary

and for that I will resort to alchemy

because alchemy is as logic own scent

and it’s really easy to browse and then

if I do pad and then I’m gonna do our

Jesus and I’m gonna do clean distorted

brighten organic smooth glitchy coochie

could be blue detuned Oh bitchin could

be good to go we’re gonna go here it’s

not quite what I’m looking for yet but

it’s easy to browser so I like

personally I like to play the music in

the background and then play on top to

see if I have something that could work

with the music okay


this is a little bit too happy I would

say something creepy I know maybe that

in the glitchy section not quite glitchy


it’s getting there



I think we got something here

not sure if you guys liked it or not but

with with Jesus with this scent we my

brain is with this scent we have

different combination that we can really

you know we have a basic sound that we

can immediately edit and have different

much much different texture so


okay I think this one is good

oh sorry guys sure I guess I’ll press

the wrong key here


so we have a start of a track it’s a bit

noisy it’s a bit strange but I think

it’s pretty cool I don’t know how long

I’ve been recording but I will keep on

going I’ll just need some coffee yeah

bueno so now that we have that


looked about this good key change just a

nice nice fat bass with good distortion

this one well I like it but it’s is

definitely in the strange room you know

this is not such a grandmas type of


what can I add to this to make it into a

song let’s say I mean for a beat for 5

a.m. in the dark nightclub in the middle

of South America might work I mean music

is very subjective you know it’s not

like I will like it somebody would like

it it’s it’s it’s really a matter of

circumstances you know there’s music for

every circumstances you know if you go

to some installation some shows and

stuff you the music doesn’t make any

freaking sense but in that circumstance

pretty good you know it does it does

work you know but dance music again is

so subjective it really depends on who’s

playing it who’s the DJ who’s got the

balls to play it which was back in my

days you know some people they just

decided to to push the boundaries and

you know there did every every time I go

see a show I know that the DJ will push

the boundaries because his music was on

vinyl it was very specific to DJ’s and

then it was so new and everything was to

be discovered now it’s a bit harder when

the music is everywhere and everybody’s

already heard most of the tracks and

it’s like people want to hear a track

like I think I think electric musics

about discovery and well we lost that

this is why I have that principle of

start making a track and have fun like

this one just start making a track fun

if it changed and I scrapped it good

whatever but this one worth it but did

this this this this this upset Lisa

after a couple minutes of listening to

it I’m not so keen on it so it can go

filter those keys well I like I think

that this is this is the sense the mix

is definitely not extraordinary yet I’m

gonna start mixing a little bit so you

know if I would be working on a track I

would be doing that I’m gonna put a 2500

on the kick

much less treshold remove this photo


definitely have a little bit too much

compression here I like it compress from

the start okay so what I like better

without without this part but we’re

gonna put in there too to make it like a

song you know I think some more

percussions would be cool


that’s not expected

  • this piano core is integrated in in

this just a little addition to the

percussions here to create more rhythm I

personally like really full percussions

with a lot of intricacy let’s be honest

most of the guys like Pryda and/or Preda

whatever you want to call it and David

Guetta and all the big names I mean I’m

sorry guys but you really should put a

bit more effort into the percussions you

know because it’s its sound

it sound really like amateurs a little

bit more here and also you know it’s not

because you achieved commercial success

because you’re lucky and you have

friends that you actually are good

producers you know that’s tougher I’m

Allison eating here one two one two one

two oh this one is off

definitely else well you guys are lucky

because I just decided that this track

will be up for free on our blog so do

you still watching huh great guys

fucking-a but yeah if you watch that

only because you’ve seen that it’s gonna

be for free great then download it man

so I think this is worth it i mean i

used silent i use some ways but it’s

free so i mean you shouldn’t really

worry so you go on to our site we make

dance music calm and you can download

this little beat with that chunky

electro kind of thingy

and that’s gonna be all for me because

yeah I think I think this is what I have

to put into this track today so I’m not

gonna push myself to try to do more I’m

gonna get back I’m still working on our

site we make that Spacedock um and

actually if you’re still watching you

great because you just earned yourself

half price on anything you want

use my name Micah’s and IKS and then

shop whatever you like on our side to

get half-price pay the songs you



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