Hey guys Mikas here for www.wemakedancemusic.com today we are working on a progressive break track, it is made in logic pro x. It is in the late stage, it is already composed and produced, all the elements are laid down and ready to go. I believe it is an EDM genre that is understated, in my opinion it is what gave birth to today Future Bass and all the new waves of breakbeats.

I personally discovered it in the late 1990’s with album like Sasha and john Digweed northern exposure 2. The intro track was a remix of GusGus and was one of the best track at the moment for me. Some artist like Unkle, and Sasha with Airdrawndagger brought some of the best progressive break.

I composed a track that is called Mikas – Spirit Emotion (Flying Break Mix) is one if not my most successful track to date, it is an organic trippy track that has a spirit, I recorded my supernova synth in real time to make this organic feel.

Now we are making progressive Breaks, it is chill, danceable, i think it is a really cool genre.

I have my track open here, it is 112 BPM, it is produced at 96000KHZ at 32 bits Float inside Logic Pro X Mix engine. The result is here working in high resolution audio, however it takes a lot of processing power to run this Sample rate. I had some issues trying to use Waves L316 with this sample rate and a short Latency.

The track is named beyond, it mine Mikas, its progressive Break, i will work on the song with you guys, I will skip the first two minutes since it is only an intro with mainly arpeggiators. We are starting in the main part with good drums and breaks.

progressivebreakbeats #musicproduction #logicprox #breaks #producer #edm #djsasha


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