Logic Pro X Template: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/classic-prog-house-music-production

In episode 30th we create a classic progressive house from scratch using logic pro x and only the internal plugins. We setup the DAW at 124 BPM and 96000KHZ.

We kick off the session by creating a bassline, it is recorded in MIDI format with a very simple pattern that is typical of the early day prog house music. We then select a preset that is simple and punchy. We then immediately start creating a second element that is in response to the bassline. The goal here is to have multiple elements to interact to create a deep rich sonic structure. The session keep going and we now add some percussions to start building the groove, some high hats and claps are added in sequence to complete the synthesizers.
We then add some toms that are a perfect addition to the bass.

The next step is to create a pad sequence to add an evolving element to the song, we record the MIDI in real time and use a cool patch that is a perfect addition to the tracks. We then introduce a sidechain setup to add a dramatic pumping effect to the synth we just added. Then an organic pad is added in the same progression as the previous one adding depth and yet adding more to this classic progressive house music project.

We continue by adding more intricate hits that are in harmony and add yet to the sequence. We then complete this episode by creating a smooth lead. May the sounds be with you.

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