Logic Pro X Template: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/commercial-progressive-house-music-production-electronic-music-jam-s

In Episode 29 we create a commercial progressive house song using logic pro x and a MIDI chord progression. We setup the DAW to 128 BPM at 96000KHZ and the root key of the project is G!

We start by figuring out what piano sound we will use as a base for the song. We then use the MIDI parts duplicate them and build the groove further. Then we add minimal but effective percussions, then we process to create a bassline with the main MIDI used, re replicate the keys and make something worthy of a commercial track in seconds. We are going in a more pop direction with the song however this can also be called BIG Room or EDM, EDM is more on the electro side while this is a lot more in the pop music genre.

We then add some melodic elements by trying to select a preset from somt plucked instrument, we finally settle on some bells like sound, we then proceed to add a few more layers of percussions to complete the prog house grooves. Then we use a MIDI file and select a preset from the alchemy synth to create a Pad to run in the background.

Finally we look for yet one more preset for the main riff that we already had in ready in MIDI form. We then proceed to start arranging the track to complete this episode.

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