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In episode 32 we are rocking somme drum and bass, we setup the DAW at 175BPM!! And load a drum sequence from a previous project, we then switch the kit to BIG ROOM and it worked very well.

We kick it off by composing a pad sequence in MIDI using a Pad preset we already selected, we then edit the sequence to create the first element of our song, a deep intricate pad. We immediately move on to create layers with the sequence we already created. We create the first element of a bass sequence that will evolve with the song, then we add an extra bass hits that will respond to the first part to create a lively sequence.

Moving on we add a pad with a fast tremolo that add movement to the song background. We then setup to record a piano melody, our piano is already processed so we immediately start laying down some keys and it work out like magic. Next, we add a sub bass using a typical 808 bass sound,. We are now closer to a full on Drum and Bass track. We then add a sidechain process from the Main Snare drum to the synth so the Snare punch through the tracks when it hits.

Finally we are working on the Main Lead for the song, much work is needed to be able to play and record the MIDI necessary, then we take the time to pick up the right preset and begin arranging the song.

May the sounds be with you.

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