Logic Pro X Template: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/melodic-techno-from-scratch-ep028-electronic-music-jam-sessions

In episode 27 we create a melodic techno song from scratch using only logic pro x and the internal instruments and plugins. We start by setting up the DAW at 123BPM and 96000KHZ.

We previously loaded a kick drum sequence and 4 synthesizers in the music session. The frist element to be composed is the bassline, we use a classic moog synthesizer bassline to do so, after recording some MIDI part we edit them to create a cool bass sequence. We then move on to add some noise signal using the alchemy synth, we get lucky and find a perfectly fitting percussive noise sequence that fit the song to perfection.

Afterward we record a brassy synth sequence that will give the song a lot more intricacy, the sequence does fit perfectly with the previously laid out bass. We then add a Snare drum to the percussion, adding to the rhythm. Moving on we start composing a new layer, we settle on a simple pad with only two keys, it sits in the high frequency and make the song moodier and add a new dimension. Lastly for the synth we add a sequence of mid low key to enhance the groove. Now that the synthesizer parts are completed we know the final feeling of the track we are composing.

To complete this episode we add some percussions and start building up the arrangements.


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