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Episode 31 features Mikas producing Melodic Progressive House song from scratch, we start with a simple MIDI chord progression, we setup the BPM at 130 and we are using logic pro x and the only Synth used is Sylenth 1.

We start the session by creating a simple kick drum, we also talk about the Logic Pro X usability of it compared to Ableton Live. After programing drums including high hats, toms, snares the create the foundation to our track. We begin by adding automation to the main Sylenth1 synth to create some movement so the song does not play in a static loop.

We then create a bassline from the lower range of notes from the original MIDI chord used. We then add dome processing to the existing percussions and move on to add more Synth, again the original MIDI parts are used to create new elements that follow the original chord progression.

We create an arpeggiator using a pluck preset the sound like a very classic progressive sound.
Afterward we create a bass sequence always following the program of the original keys, this sequence greatly enhance the song groove and we are now in progressive territory, we then add some stands every 4 and 8 bars to enhance the transitions and complete the groove.

We then close this session by creating a lead!

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