Logic Pro X Template: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/progressive-trance-music-production-with-sylenth1-logic-pro-x-electr

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With the electronic music jam sessions you can learn how to make EDM, start producing electronic music fast by using the video along the Logic Pro X Template. While these are not formal logic pro music production course the amount of knowledge these episodes contain for FREE worth watching. If you are looking to be a self taught producer and become an electronic music creator this might be the way for you. No need for expensive courses online you can get started making your own music now!

In episode 20 Mikas create a progressive trance song from scratch using logic pro x and the sylenth1 synthesizer. We begin by creating a basic Kick Drum, snare and hi hats percussion pattern as a base to compose the bassline. We record and edit some midi to create the bassline then we move on to find a fitting patch in Sylenth1. We then replicate the keys from the original MIDI and create a simple pad chord, we then pick a pad preset for Sylenth 1, then we replicate the part and layer a second pad with a different patch to create an extra dimension. To complete the Synth parts we create a pluck based on the chord progression already used, of course we then select a pluck preset from sylenth1 again!

We continue building the song with a fat snare hit and work continue the work and sound design on the synth elements. Using a different bass hit we create more dimension by adding it at the last bar of the chord sequence to emphasise the change. We then start working on a Lead synth!

This one is not always easy, after a while we finally get something good and pick up yes another Sylenth1 Bank! Once we have all of the elements needed we turn everything down and remix all the channels from scratch! This gives us perspective on the mix and we can put a better focus on engineering the channels and frequencies where they belong.




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