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Learn how to make deep progressive house music by watching our free live tutorials and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.

For episode 126 of our Live Electronic Music Tutorial we create a deep progressive house song from scratch in logic pro x using only logic pro x internal instruments.

PART 1 The DRUMS: 2:55

Drums are essential to electronic music, this is the foundation to any danceable electronic music song. We begin by creating a simple 4/4 kick drum pattern and get to edit the sound in the brand new Logic Pro X Sampler. We tune the kick drum and also process the length. We also process the other drum part and create a good foundation to our deep progressive house song.

PART 2 THE BASS: 13:45

We then move on to the bass, we will use Logic Pro X Alchemy, we start by browsing patches to select something that works with our deep progressive house themed production today. We settle on a long bass pad with some distortion!

PART 3 THE PADS: 28:30

Moving on we record a very simple pad melody that ends up becoming the center of this production, after the main part is recorded we decide to use it for the bass with a slight variation, creativity flow finally strikes and we are now taking a new direction maintaining the theme we set at first.


We then add some character with some dark brass hits that are working perfectly with the bass sequence.

PART 5 THE LEAD: 40:25

We then set up to record a lead sound to our track, browsing the presets we get a result quickly that top of the song to perfection, simplicity is the key here.


We simply explain how we used effect to create more depth and character.

PART 7 FINAL THOUGHTS: 48:32 We talk about the creative process.

May the sounds be with you.

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