Deep Progressive House Logic Pro X Template:

Learn how to make Deep Progressive House music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.

For episode 133 our host Mikas is creating a Deep Progressive house song from scratch in Logic Pro X using only Logic Pro X instruments and plugins. We will program some drums, compose and engineer instruments, work on some sound design for various elements and engineer the sound to fit the Deep Progressive house tutorial theme.

0:00 Introduction
2:18 Recording and programing Kick Drum, Snare and high hats
11:27 Recording and engineering the bassline and brass hits
15:48 Adding more percussive elements – Claps, Toms and more
23:44 Recording and editing the main Lead
25:50 Adding rhythm chords and adding sidechain
33:25 Recording a sub melody
36:08 Adding a third melodic element
39:00 Final Thoughts

hello everyone mikas here for the live electronic music tutorial it’s episode 133 and we keep on making music in real time for you guys and of course as of lately i started putting some markers down below into the description or i think they’re appearing also in the bar so you can watch a different segment of the music production if you like more drums if you like more maybe the composition maybe the engineering and do different things as i compose along these shows are always unedited uncut it’s always the full music start product process so it’s about maybe 30 to 50 minutes sometime i go a bit over an hour where i make a track in real time in front of your eyes as you can see now you see me i’m gonna switch in a second to the producer pov so you can see really and of course here everything that is happening the important thing an important change too is now we’re releasing episode every tuesday and every friday so if you want your new episode if you want like a fresh tutorial every week you can check out on tuesday and friday and of course if you get a second like this episode subscribe there’s a lot more to come i’m going to make those on a regular basis approaching different topics i also do mixing we’ll do some more mastering in the past i’ve done a series which will be released in a compilation very soon like all the track that i made first of all the composition after that the engineering and the mixing and of course the mastering and i’m actually going to release all those 10 tracks that i made in this episode which is very interesting so today we’re gonna make some deep progressive and i’m gonna give it a try it’s been a while that i’ve been downsizing let’s say to 48 000 arch which i don’t particularly like because the mix down is not the same at least to my professional year so now i’m gonna upgrade to 96 tell me if you see a difference or if you know anything about the topics forty eight thousand arts ninety six thousand hertz it’s it’s more than double it’s not the way you calculate it’s not because it’s doubled it’s double it’s the refresh rate it’s immensely more and i feel it’s better so i’m going to make some deep progressive 120 bpm from absolute scratch as you see using only logic force plug i don’t even use a keyboard as you see if it is your first episode i use this wonderful apple keyboard here it’s amazing and that’s what i used to create music for quite for many many years now i didn’t have a keyboard so i don’t think it’s necessary so let’s get started right away by programming some drums

i use this kick a lot this this kit deep tech i think it’s amazing and now with the new sampler it’s even better so i’m gonna go here samplers here you can see the sample being triggered here this is super super nice so oh see i’m not on the root key

so i’m gonna first i think i’m a bit higher i’m going to record this c1 and lower it’s too low i think it’s just a bit lower anyway let’s record it first

this one to 20 is slow but it’s a good it’s a good place i think to start the track that always we can always change it to later it’s not so you can see the root key is here so ctrl a down so this is the root key for the kick this means that this was the route when it was recorded or you know engineer always come from some sample or something has been done to it so if we want we can go into the sampler here and you know fine tune it if we would want you know to pitch it down to a certain key let’s say that you know if it’s c let’s say we’re in e or when d you can change it i personally don’t want it filter could be good maybe had some result some resonance maybe a bit of drive to chunk it

without but it’s a different kick definitely well i like it the way it is already so i’m not gonna touch it so i’m gonna quickly go to do a few parts here i like this the second kick is also very nice so there’s somebody that commented that i can see the root key if i zoom in okay it’s always there right so i do shift up

then i’m gonna do a simple snare pattern one to two super basic easy stuff guys

okay good i’m gonna go into open hats which if you know me you know that i like those so where’s the root key the rookies up there so we’re gonna go up so option shift up i hold octave at the time and then option uh those are the and then right

those are the the numerical arrows

so this is a very basic electronic music beat doesn’t get any more basic than this i think i will go into the hi-hat and i will just try to trim it a little bit just a bit less length

so a bit more of a hit so if it’s longer to me it has a bit too much of a ring to it so like this nice again if you watch my other episode you’re gonna find this very familiar down here

so this is a basic

idea for me to start a track i could really make a template then and really use it every time which actually did in episode 131 i did create a template for me to make

the progressive so i’m not using it this time i think i will probably start track with it in the future there’s many ways to make music so

um let’s see there’s some heads there let’s go ahead and pick up a hit call it a boop

this is cool it’s like a base a little bit but not so basic i like it on underneath the hat like this create a nice stump

how about if i add a little extra bumpy

now because i already have the other load time there this is good but i think i would probably put one here

it’s not so perceivable but i can feed it so

i think this is a sufficient sorry you ctrl a and then right click name region by track because now it was all when i copy the midi it stays the kick which i was the root of what i’ve done

and now for a baseline which will use alchemy of course

i’m gonna go into base and i’m gonna go randomly somewhere

drop the volume and then

see what




it’s good




i think i will give myself a bit more space control command replicate so just to have a bit more length to be able to


not so sure about this but we’ll find out soon enough you can always edit

i like the pattern the sound i’m not super sure yet


this is smooth

well i think it will already and right away accentuate it with some more parts it’s gonna follow this lead all this base quite a lead turn turn turn this one i will leave i’ll probably do a different part i’ll here that here i’m gonna go in here and i’m gonna go this time into brass i’m gonna select something that i use about before drop the volume

somehow this is this one here

it doesn’t make it much more exciting to me something else

myself a bit more juicier

it’s a bit uk garagey which is fun it’s gonna get deep guys but i can’t guarantee

i think we’re up for some collapse now

claps are going to be

not sure i like those clubs

and then some more drums here maybe a bit of a groove


i’m not so low

i think we’ll take those two and create a stack whoa

right here create a stack sum both of these together and pick this one and take this one

those two are worth processing together so i’m going to use the compressor

first i will sidechain it to the kick

it’s a here higher ratio six to one but i really want those to be glued together literally so look if we’re actually i’m not doing

that much yet what we’re compressing

and after i have this first side chain compression i’m going to put a second compressor because it’s fun using like not the fat and i’m gonna then i’m really gonna squeeze them

so now that we have and those two are really well together i can mix them

however i think this one is good too much which i cannot really cut i’ll go into the eq of this top bits and i’m gonna cut the top

make it like a less steep slope more open slope to just cut it but very lightly keep the resonance

and what i feel would be right now is some kind of a very airy lead to bring it more into the progressive realm so i’m gonna go alchemy yeah take my sound here i’m gonna add a verb it’s gonna be a silver verb of course knowing me oh maybe i just put a server on the main out which is not what i was looking for guys send bus five

okay something wasn’t quite working there’s why this happened so okay again so the verb stereo my preset radios

then alchemy depot patch

not quite now



very simple very good

so this one here we have what we’re looking for

this little clap is so

it was a bit overly invasive

i bet you didn’t expect that what came out right now a little lead came out super nice

also good

i like the old

let’s try to get ourselves a little bit of a rhythm like a cord to go in the back of this beast here so what i’m gonna do is let’s look like it’s going to work

it doesn’t look like it doesn’t mean it will

so what i’m going to

not with all three what i want to do now is to create like a rhythmic part that would be an organ that will go in the back of the track that will push to always have a certain momentum for oops so this would be better if i put it here

i think i will even consider this not with this instrument of course

and up

and then i’m gonna go into alchemy so i’m preparing the chord before of course gonna be alchemy i’m gonna go into organs a little bit lower here and i just want like a rhythm like i


and here’s already the idea at least pick one

nothing like this not sure about this one

rework it a little bit for our new sound

what’s this cheesy decay thing again i keep on picking this one up like one project like after the other it just seemed to fit the genre very well so

i’m gonna keep it and then i’m gonna copy it and then i’m gonna go see

that’s sweet

i’m tempted but no

i used this before too this would be good if there’s a bit less




i’m not sold and i think what would sell it to me is to add a compressor and just sidechain it

to make a little bit more lively because now it’s taking too much space so with the side chain i think we’ll get it just right and we’re gonna be able to put it in the mix

feel it already a lot more

so this lead is a bit loud now so when you add some elements the time they tend to merge together and make unbalance the mix so you always have to remix as as you build along

what shall we put in next so the base is is so different now it has a completely different function just this is cool and then yeah the


this had this little push this little drive that it’s really cool it’s got the

i lead a pad now something i’m not sure a pad but but some hits i think some pad hits

i’m evolving fast attack randomly go somewhere here and i’m gonna add my sand here bus six silver verb lower the volume a little bit for you guys

this is a bit too summery


i don’t think i got it here

somehow i feel

it’s gonna be better to use this and to leave it some space

now that we have an idea down check where we are

and check it does this work with the lead

oh yeah

how’s this this intricate today this groove wow i’m gonna save this for you guys so this is episode 133 guys whoa yeah guys you have to check out the other episodes i’m going to continue a little bit onto this one but this is what i like you know it took a little bit longer to get things going to make everything rich you know because the base was was a bit difficult and then to adapt something so the complicity complexity of making music sometimes you make something very complicated to start and then you have to to work the things out on top but sometimes you make something very simple and things fall into place and you accumulate but i think the base was was a bit complex so i needed to keep that complexity to keep on building this so

let’s solo some parts drop the lead here

what i would do is i would do this and i would like to add some answers to here for for the different parts of the track so when the lead is not in which would be a lot of the time because the lead is just there at least in my opinion for the important parts

oh this is nice

i’m tempted to add something but i don’t know i’m gonna first i’m gonna replicate it a little bit i’m gonna give ourselves a little bit of space to really compose the template that will be available guys on our site we make this i know i started promoting i didn’t so much at the start but this is what it is

secondary ruler here so you can see we have

oh we have about a minute and we actually want two minutes

or maybe i’m wrong

so i think i would just do a basic arrangement i think this this track should start really really bare like this

so for me this is where i usually have some ideas to add some more into the track

we’ll get a good start here

interesting harmonics really good percussions and stuff so guys this is gonna be it for episode 133 of your live electronic music tutorial i hope you guys enjoy like i said there’s a lot more to come and check out 130 episode every single episode has a logic pro x template included they’re all available for only five bucks on our site we and if you came for sound or even so for some more templates we have 5 000 templates on our site right now you can contribute as a producer you can download can upload come and have a look guys we maintenance and of course the most important thing is may the songs be with you guys you

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