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In episode 137 our host Mikas is creating a hypnotic techno song from scratch in logic pro x using the latest version of Drum Machine Designer and the Alchemy Synthesizer. Every drum sound will be processed and engineered to fit the techno genre. In this tutorial you will learn sound design track, mixing and engineering techno music from start to finish.

Learn how to make Hypnotic Techno music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.

0:00 Introduction – We Make hypnotic Techno in Logic Pro X
2:53 Programing and designing the drum sounds
7:30 Adding automation for modify the length and tone to percussions
16:15 Composing and mixing the Bass
19:24 Creating some hypnotic keys
23:37 Adding an answer to the keys and bass
25:34 Adding more drum sounds to the beat
32:25 Creating and arpeggiator to add texture
39:10 Recording a simple 1 key lead synth
41:32 Final Thoughts

hello everyone mikas here for your live electronic music tutorials episode 137 we keep on making music in real time uncut unedited you see the whole raw footage that i’m recording and you can learn from it this is a tutorial but of course it’s really more like a creative process so you guys can really get a feel of how at least i create my music and again there’s another 136 episodes guys that have been recorded before so if you’re watching this one is your first one check it out if you like electronic music if you want to learn about electronic music smash that like button and subscribe there’s a lot more to come i’m planning to release a lot more episodes these days since like the fall is coming it’s not gonna be so nice outside so i’m gonna stay in make some music for you guys and of course every single episodes of the live electronic music tutorials comes with a complete logic pro x template that you can get for only five bucks there is some exceptions however i do make some premium templates like episode 135 was a mixing and arranging and really finishing the track and this one’s a premium template so i do first a composition then arrange mix and and master the whole thing and then you can get a premium so this is different but again there’s over 130 templates for logic pro x 99 of them doesn’t include any plugin so you can take it put it into logic get to learn put it along the tutorial learn do whatever you want with it recreate your own music you know if you like the song you can remix it that’s it this is what the live electronic version the light electronic music tutorials are about guys today i’m gonna make what i would like to call some hypnotic techno so it’s not going to be quite melodic techno might be a bit of melody if you know me melodic but really i’m going to make some some techno that i want to be repetitive that i want to have tension that i want it to be like really have i have something some substance to it that will make it hypnotic tech no i will do so in logic products of course using no plugins and thanks to logic pro x 10.5 we have this drum machine i got a lot of settings i know a lot of guys use machine all kinds of stuff i will show you what we can do with this and this is just more than enough to create any genres of music the songs are super premium super clean and of course now we have a drum synthesizer so it’s like having uh this um i don’t know how they call it a kick or something like that well now apple did something quite similar so let’s get into it guys so start from absolute scratch 126 bpm 96 kilohertz of course and then oh i’m gonna switch to headphones

so this is more of a boxy kick let’s check the other one it’s a bit good so i think i will start with that so just to record a basic midi input control eq quantize of course and then we’re going to see what we can do with this little kick myself a bit more juice so this is obviously not such

like i said we’re making techno and to make techno

the sweep now this is the hit i think the tone is good

the punch just a little bit of punch not so much huh i want more this this this really boomy it’s a bit too long



i’d like to be able to put the speakers in to to feel this gig but i get a good idea you know i got good years at the guy i’ve been working on some music for for a long time so guys if you got a good sound system you sent to this and this is punchy just punch like for the like button or something so pitch -12

so i would consider a big kick

yep i think this is good then i’m going to go into some higher really technoy so minimal that’s a bit too minimal but we’ll work it out

with a smoother attack now tone full tone crush

my kick is definitely too loud bring in minus five and bring it down to -10 so if i want to have enough room guys to have other elements important to leave room if you really everything is too loud so the mix is a space you know so if you put everything too loud this is the pace the space is gonna be super crowded and you won’t be able to really hear anything so if you leave some space if you know how to mix so i’m not sure about this crotch scratch cannot crouch but crush

this is cool going to go into a terminal very technically of course

so what i’m doing is i’m keeping the root key of the kick so i could i could also re take my part here

i like better having the same key as the kick doesn’t matter if it is the root key or not like everything is in tune really now because we keep the same key for the parts

there’s a pipe percussion that i’m intrigued about down here whoa okay that’s not really what i’m looking for let’s do this plank that i like

i’m not sure if this is a techno kit but that has some how i feel the name of this kit where’s the name of this attention ah that’s exactly what we’re looking for really i know who’s naming those kids that happel but they they should really maybe what is he putting a genre maybe but maybe not so it’s it’s this is what it is about it might be useful but it might you know break creativity a little bit so let’s again this is a synth so let’s see what we can do with it the pitch is changed i like this a little see this is clicky and then

oh i can see some nice hypnotic vibe so i’m gonna start right away guys because i’m excited about this so i’m gonna automate so i’m gonna do touch here and then i’m gonna do a little variation

on the attack first and then i’m going to show the automation turn off the musical typing show the automations should come down here so we have the drum set attack so this is a good one

and bring this up here gonna open it up

put it to read and actually i’m gonna put it back to touch because i’m gonna record another parameter which was the decay so it’s rising rising rising rising and i think here i’m going to start opening the decay

it’s a bit too much but so let’s say we start with the decay

and invert it in comparison to when the attack is changing

so i think the vk was going a bit too the attack was going a bit too far it didn’t really work

this is a cool element to have to start i mean we’re barely starting and we’re already going into hypnotic mode nice one i think another hat is needed here

something more rolly i think i’m taking a lot of room with this somehow when it hits it cut the other one so

again they’re going to hyatt

there’s dirt

oh yeah at the top there perfect not there but really here character yes need some corrector decay

without guys

here we’ll just add some clouds

here i’ll do one new five uh so those tools guys i really i didn’t explore yet i’m exploring with you guys a lot of fun with those drum center meter will be fun maybe even lower

okay this is cool more in the back

a snare maybe a little snare right here simple

just to mark the rhythm properly i’d like it to be a bit snappier

sorry guys if you hear the background on my computer there which is heating a lot because i’m doing 96k this does take quite a bit of juice

this is like this is like the detention on on the snare thing i used to play drums so

i like it to be a bit crisper i’m going to bring in a whole lot

and because i’m a bit of a freak i’m gonna put a silverware on there as an insert as you see the dry to the max

pick a room size that’s much less

so what i’m doing is i’m i’m just creating a reflection that’s really quick that it’s like a bullet free delay

motivation actually nice so without not so interesting really quick

so if i want to do a little bit of a trick i would automate this which i will not do now but with around 12. drop the volume a little bit now let’s get more presents definitely very technically now for a baseline but really i have in mind a very sobby chunky base so i’m gonna do is i just want really the low end of it

i’m already gonna drop

i’m gonna drop sorry guys i’m gonna drop a compressor on it immediately

four to one ratio then i’m gonna drop an eq on it like i said i just want the low end from it i really don’t want much resonance above 1k

even even 200 actually let’s give it a try to this here so looking at that looking here i’m gonna leave some space

so one two three and then six would be good and then nine three six nine three here

and then mine here is it let’s make this

not sure about the sound it’s nice

i would definitely wouldn’t call it exciting it’s more interesting

more of a room there a little better to tone this a lot better so for our techno track of this type i would call it you know minimal elements always in mind of building the tension of having this this this thing so i’m gonna add a little bit more percussions of course

i’ll put less bass you know i want it to be more spaced but of course there’s gonna be other element that will do some work so i want to keep the key that i use here for the bass to smack that into your ears i’m going to create a simple pattern and i’m going to add some hard to how can i call this

one two three

one two four five six

six seven eight nine and we’re here and then i never got turned further so what i want to do now is to have like a sub not melody but it’s just something that’s underlaying that’s very hypnotic so it’s gonna be in the mid-low frequency something like


not that sound of course but it’s just to first put the pattern in then select a preset then engineer it what is it going to be i would probably go into keys to try i’m going to go somewhere randomly to keys this is going to be good without the top end i think because it’s got a vocal i’m tempted to leave the little one into it because there’s just little bits

that one is

i think this one’s gonna be better with a bit more filtering let’s see what’s coming out of the eq here if i open it

yeah we’ll cut the low end a little bit

it really sees the frequency

i’m not super yes but no i want better more like it let’s see what else we got

very good here okay next i’m gonna i’m gonna keep this patch here for the volume i would like to answer this last part where there’s a big drum so here you have the big drum and then there is a bit more here so i will do some move that over here of course i’m going to take a different


i’m gonna mine something acid i think there’s an acid sequence here we can do something with

this i will open a bit too much

i’m gonna go into a bit more drums guys now there’s a rim here that just wait to be

i’m gonna build up the rhythm now because we can definitely make this a lot more complex little right at the top we have a good

effect i would say not that sound guys so we have plenty of sounds here to play with

not that either i like but not for this

if i take it and i really

narrow it down like this put it in the back

there’s a nice tunnel here let’s go play with the stone a little bit

it’s not quite the base but uh tecno made some nice chunky low end a little bit less decay maybe a little more volume

let me give a lot of life to practice

now we do

to really top it off

some little snares some rolling stairs

not to this intensity guys something very hypnotic about the full-on snare rolling in the back like a ritchie out in like plastic man track that was pretty much this

let’s see what we can do with this snare

i’ll here it like that oh no i don’t think i want to touch it without nice and dark love it so guys this is episode 137 guys so if you get the episode you’re going to see this open i mean a typo you episode what the heck something happened there that i don’t want to happen because it’s safe who episode that’s so if you get this track guys check the project menu because this is what it is now oh there’s a fat effect here that could really bring that to life oh yeah

same thing

i think this is like center here

oh yeah definitely bring some some whips to it

now throw some percussions we’re gonna bring the rest of the element up a little bit so they put in the space i’m gonna take this root key here which is just a simple c maybe and oh this isn’t what i wanted i brought the wrong with this down so let me move this

okay so i’m gonna take like i said this key here it’s just a pure c and then i’m gonna replicate it to make a like an arc just to have more than one key to trigger the arp here i’m gonna open the arp here and then drop the volume here actually this is better harp onto alchemy so i will drop this arc there i’m gonna go here and to do some weird and good and all kinds of m2 into alchemy so let’s drop this module here now an arp in the back to progress the track so this will come later on to the track and once we build up this hypnotic momentum i’m gonna drop in the harp like bring it up up up up and of course drop

randomly something good cool well i’m gonna enjoy this guys because if you watch many episodes you know that sometimes finding the right sound not literally working i like this

bell c kind of

i’m actually listening to it more i’m not so like i’m gonna copy it i’m gonna browse a little much better just to start this is stuff this is good this pluck is good but this is also super cool

let’s eq it

see where we’re at

very very nice and after all this guys it’s time to lead on a lead

like i always say may the sounds be with me this time because leads are not always the easiest thing to do good inspiration good groove going already so this surely will help i’m going to create myself a bus drop myself a reverb on it so i will have at least like a big room i’d like to see to play in so when i play the key it won’t be so dry so it will be like a bit more inspiring let’s lower the volume a bit see where we’re at

i think i never done that to browse all presets from the top this one i use worth a lot

it has to be a little bit edgy because of the groove we have i don’t want to turn it into

not quite

this key worked very well

something like that i think would

put the quantize hopefully

and four and five the key that will work

so some people some people might not like this so but i personally think this is this is amazing

you don’t really need more than this for like techno and then so the key is gonna be to exploit those elements properly in the mix in the transition to make them really special i mean but the sound is cool definitely the mix and bring it up a little bit

you can try other modes

i think this is good what i would do right away is to sidechain it okay here we’re gonna take my instrument kick one is the one we use voila fast attack fast release bit more ratio

so now we contain this a bit more what do you guys think so you guys think so far i think i think we got definitely a super super cool start to a really good hypnotic techno track i mean for me zip knotting again i started some animations lay down the foundations with you guys i’m going to spend a bit more time on to this turn it into a two-minute template you can get on our site of course swimming that’s music.com only five bucks and that’s it guys this is going to be it for episode 136 i started to be mixed up because so many episodes of your live electronic music tutorials i hope you guys enjoyed the show like i said check out the other episodes and there’s a lot more to come and the most important thing guys may the songs be with you


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