Progressive Trance Logic Pro X Template:

In this new episode of our Live Electronic Music tutorial Mikas is creating a progressive trance song with a summer feel from a simple MIDI chord using only Logic Pro X Instruments and plugins. This is episode 136 not 135 like mentioned in the video.. Again this session is uncut unedited and real time recording.

Learn how to arrange and mix progressive trance music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.

0:00 Introduction
2:02 Listening to the chord progression
2:40 Programing Basic Drums
13:48 Creating a grungy bassline
24:42 Creating an arpeggiator
28:25 Adding Chord Stabs
33:45 Recording a Lead
39:06 Final Thoughts

hello everyone mikas here for your live electronic music tutorial today this is episode 135 and i thought we’re going to make something that fit the 135 so i’m going to make 135 bpm trends i’m thinking about airy melodic not so driving but much more melodic and and you know of course it’s 135 so it’s gonna have some energy but i’m thinking more cordy prague trancy uh maybe a bit of a tech influence into it maybe a bit more raw sound and stuff like that the live electronic music tutorial are about me making music in real time for you guys it’s always uncut unedited and i think the result of the show that i’m gonna do the way today for you guys i’m gonna turn it into a template that goes on our website we make that’s they’re gonna be available for sale for only five bucks so basically you watch the tutorial if you use logic and you like the track you want to remix it you can get the template like i said for five bucks i don’t use any external plug-in super easy take it download it put it on to logic and it work and if you like templates this guy on our site with maintenance we have over five thousand dollar templates we have 500 producers that are uploading a lot of stuff with some remakes of the hottest track i know i’m promoting myself but i need to prove myself to be able to do the tutorial for you guys because if we don’t sell stuff i’m not gonna be able to deliver those for you on a consistent basis so guys check it out take a second if you don’t buy anything so let’s check it out and if you get a second drop a like on the video if you like electronic music dance music drums beats scenes chords anything like today gonna get started right away guys what i have done is i selected a chord progression among many because you know there’s tons of things out there and you know it’s it’s a start so it’s only four chords and then i will select and i will also play some play some keys for you guys but it’s about really first finding something that is a chord progression that’s inspiring i’m gonna play it for you now

i selected a preset on alchemy that i think is appropriate to the genre

there’s a decay i can play with here that could make an interesting difference so i’m more like

so that’s it guys this is how i will start this session in this track i will lower the volume a little bit not to max the putt out and then i selected the drum kit it’s called infinity i really don’t know if it is for trans because i thought the kick could be trancy it’s a bit it’s a bit like it’s quite quick quick attack oh wait oh this is not even the one that’s that is quite oh confusing okay let’s go back okay there’s another kick at the top which i will get in a second guys one two three four

it was some hard composition right there so my the way that i produce music for many many years is i do everything in real time everything so i have to zoom in i’ve been told i’m gonna be able to see it but i still don’t see it

it’s not possible to see the root key of this really right away and i think this might be well that sounds about right

so like i was about to say sorry guys i did so i always compose music like now in midi used to be with samples because like the the only draw machines we had were not super reliable so now everything is in midi it’s in real time and i use always midi so i’m able to edit if i would make a track and it would go in the final final mix you know i might bounce to do to process it but it’s not really necessary anymore so midi and then i can put processing on every channel and then of course there’s a track stack on top of drum machine designer if i would like to process the whole of the drums i think this is an appropriate kick for trans track however i think it’s i the more i listen to it the more i think it’s too low i’m gonna select all of those

i think this is it i’m going straight into my pad and put it a bit more in the back i guess we’re gonna do that so much here so we’ll do it simply with an eq an eq is also a filter i don’t know why people go a filter here’s a filter i can choose the notch here i can do some resonance if i want to so i just want it in the background and i’m going to start building the partitions really quickly so we can get into the melodies and all of that but at first i need a base like a groove so so we can build up upon this i think

i like it better

so all the progressions of course you can tune in logic pro x 10.5 there’s many stairs snares in this kit might just be a hip-hop kit or something

it super oh

those quick snare rolls and triplets and stuff they do in hip-hop which i really don’t know about i think i will challenge myself to do another hip-hop track at some point i did one

it was good here it’s a bit small but there won’t be only this so to have maximum control over the music the mix and everything i know it’s a lot more complicated but i really recommend everyone to always build your perfections from scratch don’t fall into the pattern of oh yeah this is cool put a loop in there because your track will never sound as good or as let’s say yeah i would say original as as a track that’s been made properly you know drum by drums and you know tuning wise is also much better

now go lower that is quite fast for my compared to my deep progressive at 120 this has quite a bit of punch to it already

i’m gonna get a closed hat

top this off here with a really quick rolling closed hat

that’s what i was looking for it’s a bit of a classic drown trend sound percussions of course the emotion will come later from the

sins see what we got down here i think this i like just a bit just before they hit the kick and then i can do one three so this work with the other drums so there’s not only one part there’s two parts

then i have this top part here

this one seemed to be quite low

for for this

i don’t particularly like that to be honest so i’m going to go to the other percussion channel


that’s meant to go much more in the back not so much in the front you might wonder why i’m leaving the melody in the background because i am absorbing it you know i’m really thinking what what is coming next when i’m building the percussions i think i would like fat

snare nuts it’s not quite fat

this one will work here

i’m gonna go into snares i’m gonna try to pick something that will work well

i had the wrong channel selected guys



i’m not sure about the position of this

that’s good

so that pad here that is still there still going and i’m gonna take it i’m going to take just to get the chord progression because i’m going to build our own pattern of course but i’m going to take the low end of it which is not quite low enough here and then i’m going to try to

do so my idea is is prague trancy kind of

you know what i have in mind to start is different elements you know so i’m going to do the first base 10 time tower with an element and second part of the base in the next segment i will might use the same pattern might not but with a different base sound and i have i have an idea for this one of something something quite chunky you know


i do like the original i think it’s a little bit like like above nbc the thing that is is this mix now i have to drop this a little bit

because i want this to be quite prominent

i like this chunk i think i think i’ll layer it so i’m going to take this same pattern bring it here go in here and add the other layer of like a bit more depth to it maybe not that

there’s definitely choice there

i like this little filter opening there without

no finally now just give a nice push so both of those stones together

however with this the second one

i’m gonna do some engineering to this a little bit later so let’s drop another bass sound and the next part here

what if we just do the opposite for fun so that’s actually the easiest way to do this would be to do this do this like that here and then i’m going to take this part poke this part


i’m not sure about this pattern just yet

but we’ll give it a try so moving the midi part option

um this keyboard is not on all apple keyboards sadly so this is numerical key arrows

would be helpful if we’d be on all computers but they seem to want to save space with smaller computers like the imac and stuff keyboard so

okay now let’s get another fat bass song i’m gonna randomly go here

let’s give it a try here

i know i like it better

okay and then because we’re making this type of prog trends now

i’m going to control a and my name region by track not to get confused and i will use yet another sound on top of this one i’m going to layer this one up a top here but i’m going to put it a hook down higher to really bring it

to for it to be very present

will be good

i’m gonna go back at the top

hmm well well

okay sometime i take times

i guess i cannot really find

what i am looking for

i don’t like this

i’m just gonna cut the top here

so that is cool now we definitely need an arp a nice arp at the top of all this to join kind of join all these parts together and we’ll get the percussions or the pad which is not really present and the bass are there but i think there’s something needed to really drive the track so we’re going to continue alchemy because alchemy is awesome i’m going gonna go rpg dead gonna pick up the first one because you know who knows what’s gonna come out and then i drop the volume

that’s nice but i would like it with lower

not quite i said i don’t like these plugs here they’re very nice

it’s a bit boring

we need to do better

i think the biggest problem with most producers that are not advanced they want to make things complicated because they want to impress others well they want to impress themselves to know that they’re about to do better when this is not the point the point is to know when to stop like is this enough yes okay good move on do something else you can come back to it you can change it but

whoa this is getting weird don’t try to overdo thing is what i meant so i had to work on some tracks that some guy sent me and he had 122 channels and there was like 15 channels of bass and like bass leads and stuff and it was stacked on top of each other and the mix that i had to do on there to make it happen and i ended up really literally removing half of the part and it sounded twice as good because well too much is just not working

that’s nice

nice modulation this part is really cool fit well in the back of this track too

i don’t know if you can hear how it kind of hold the track together so let’s drop the lows let’s keep keep it around 200 because we still want some mid lows

so wet without see it’s just not doesn’t have this this this something that gel it together with


so this is great now we’re gonna continue with our parts that are the harp definitely worth it sorry guys now i’m going to create this series of stabs with those here always keeping the chord progression in mind because this is what ties the track together of course it’s gonna be intro and the outro but you know this this chord progression this these tabs are there to for me to guide the changes in the track so i i want to keep going them drop the volume

so this is a nice very simple sequence that i want to use and then i’m going to go into leads i’m gonna try to find something like a bigger type of lead

that’s cool i would actually oh not all but all of the ones that are there because i could hear that i would put two more stabs in there it will work so i will actually put them on top save some time

the sun is good but it’s it’s a little bit cheesy i think

i don’t know if i should select a sub category but i want something big and the problem that i have is that i have a lot of polyphony because i have like those keys and a lot of them are going to be more monophonic so i’m going to go into keys instead

what i like

it’s hobbies but i would say borderline commercially

now guys i think it’s my time to try to record a lead on there that will fit so i’m checking the keys

and create myself a send bus here it’s gonna be bus three into bus three i’m gonna put a huge reverb it’s gonna be a silver verb i’m gonna send a whole lot i’m gonna do a preset here grandiose crying this up here and then see if i have some

oh it’s a bit too fast to record

now if i’m too high


oh just happened that uh it’s going to save itself this track so i’m going to save it this is okay so it’s 136. i think i said 135 at first guys sorry it’s actually 136 but i should crack up the crank up the bpm but i think it’s good oh what i wanted to do really was to quentize the media just recorded

i like the first

one two three so i think this is enough and then with this we can easily do something and convert it and do different things with it of course

see if it plays well the octave either

i’m not sure what is happening that i cannot see my mixer okay it’s here

i’m gonna copy this and i’m gonna go


i like this vocal glide

i like to double it play a little bit with the polyphony

i actually wanted to bring it up not down so one two like this

i guess they’re not quite in sync

i kind of turned this one down for the purpose of recording the lead and now i’m gonna bring it back

i’m gonna give them a little bit of work get some dimension

nice arp to play with here too let’s see what this is gonna sound like

so guys i think we have something good for this brand new episode of our live electronic music tutorials i’m gonna take this track put in a bit more work for you guys turn it into a template and also check out guys and one of the next episode i’m gonna take this exact track which i really like i’m gonna arrange it for you guys so this is the first part of the tutorial the second part is gonna be more about arrangement bringing some more emotion with the donations and stuff like that so if you like the track if you like quite trends smash that like button like button sorry that dislike button and then guys the most important thing of course is where the songs be with you



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