Progressive House Logic Pro X Template:…

Learn how to make progressive house music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.

We progress into #207 of our live electronic music tutorial looking to create a progressive house track with cool grooves in logic pro x. We first set up the BPM to 128 and we will only use Logic’s internal plugins and instruments. We begin with a simple kick, Snare and high hats percussion pattern.


0:00 How to make Progressive House Music

:45 Programing and designing percussions in Drum Machine Designer

6:15 Recording and editing the bassline

10:43 Creating chord plucks using an organ sound

17:40 Recording and editing the main lead

20:05 Adding a background pad

24:04 Adding more percussions

30:18 Final Thoughts

May the sounds be with you!


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