Melodic Breaks Logic Pro X Template:…

]Learn how to make Dj Sasha melodic breaks music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now. We drop into episode #200 of our Live Electronic Tutorial Looking to create a Breakbeat song influenced by DJ Sasha performance as of lately. We will use our synth arsenal including sylenth1 Minimoog, the CSV80 and of cours Logic Pro X Internal Plugins and instruments. The genre is calling for creative sound design and advanced effect processing, lets do it!

Chapters: 0:00 How to make Dj Sasha Style Melodic Breaks

2:35 Programing break beats drums

3:50 adding sub hits

14:56 adding a response to our sub

16:59 Creating a chord and selecting an arpeggiator

9:05 Creating and arranging progressive plucks

26:21 Recording the main lead

31:44 Creating an evolving pad

40:05 Recording and designing a top pad

41:30 Final Thoughts

May the sounds be with you!


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